If you are preparing to write the 'test' as a student, a first time applicant or starting your second career, do not make the mistake so many of you do - PREPARE FIRST - and achieve success.

"I needed to rewrite my CFAT to try for an occupational transfer to military police and I purchased the basic course for the video simulation test and the WCT to prepare when I go write for my OACP. I wanted to let you know that your courses are wonderful as the CFAT course helped me reach my goal when I rewrote my CFAT!" - Kim - June, 2014


Did you know, over 80% of applicants will fail the first time they write the test, specifically, whether you are writing the PATI Test or CPS Fire Test or CFAT (or any test for that matter) Math and Written language are leading trouble areas and cause of failure. Secondly, understanding how to articulate the Essential competencies in your resume, application, pre-background questionnaire and of course in the Interview is absolutely essential - whether you are preparing for a career in Security, Special Constable, Forces, Corrections, Firefighter, Paramedic, Policing and Enforcement or Border Security, you must demonstrate and prove you have the required skills as demonstrated in your past - and into the future. Test Ready Pro is much more than just test preparation, we prepare you for the career - to get you hired. Are you ready? Start now and study AT YOUR OWN PACE on your time!

Test Ready Pro (TRP) has been developed as an all-inclusive preparation program for public and emergency services professions to effectively ensure success throughout the entrance test and recruitment process. Working with active Police Constables, Fire Captains, Firefighters, Recruiting Officers and other professionals ensures our training materials and Practice Entrance Tests are current and meet a high standard of quality.

Our mission is to provide individuals embarking on a public or emergency services career with comprehensive preparation through training and support that will ensure success in passing initial academic and physical testing requirements. We do this through our training process we call Building Blocks™ To Success. Each building block represents a key step of preparation in the recruitment process.

MEET YOUR TEAM: The BEST in the business working for you

Chris Bedwell: President & Founder (view video)

Chris Bedwell is an Ontario Certified Teacher, Qualified and Registered Teacher with with the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities, Australia. Education includes a Bachelor of Business & Bachelor of Teaching, Masters of Distance Ed. (i.p.) while also achieving the Ontario Constable Selection System Certificate of Results. I am also an active participant with many PAC advisory committees and Police Foundations Advisory Board(s) for private and public College's to share insight into curriculum design for both Police Foundations and PreService Fire programs. I have also been a Police Foundations Instructor at an Ontario College; passionately sharing my experience and expertise in recruitment preparation. I am also current Volunteer Firefighter, a past member of the Georgian Bay Volunteer Search and Rescue Team and has completed many Technical Rescue, Survival and First Aid Qualifications.

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Elite Leadership: Daryl Adams, Police Officer, Consultant (view video)

Daryl Adams is an experienced police officer and has been employed as a Patrol Officer/Tactical Officer/Detective / Patrol Sergeant and Tactical Commander for more than fifteen years, performing Major Case Management, field investigations, sensitive internal investigations, tactical response, crisis intervention as well as selection and training. Daryl has also been the recipient of a Police Award for Heroism in 2010 and has received numerous commendations, public letters of appreciation and letters of recognition.

Also pertinent is Daryl’s previous experience as an officer with the Canadian Forces.  He was stationed primarily at CFB London and CFB Petawawa, where he provided leadership and mentorship and trained the troops in operational control, investigations and conflict management.  During his time with the Canadian Forces, he participated in NATO and United Nations tours of duty in Kosovo, Bosnia and Croatia, where his contingents provided humanitarian aid, patrolling, reconnaissance and infantry training services.   Daryl earned five operational medals for these tours of duty, and gained valuable experience in tactical, search/detain operations, risk management, teaching, mentoring and leading.

Daryl holds a Police Sciences Diploma and has completed Critical Incident Stress Management and Group Crisis Intervention courses from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.  Throughout his career, Daryl has been very fortunate to participate in a wide variety of professional development programs including Constable Training, Crisis Negotiation, General Investigative Techniques, advanced tactics and hostage rescue.  While with the Canadian Forces, Daryl undertook extensive corporate security and risk analysis training programs and achieved qualification to teach theory and practical classes.  He has also been an active participant in workplace committees and special details, and has served as a professor for the police foundations program.

Kory Pearn - Career Firefighter/Firefighter Career Consultant (view video)

Kory Pearn is a Career Firefighter and expert as a Firefighter Career Consultant. Kory is our resident expert for all fire related recruitment activities and consultant with our leading comprehensive firefighter testing and recruitment preparation courses. Some of his achievements include:

*Author of the book "The Complete Guide to Becoming a Firefighter"

* Creator of the website

* Creator and host of the "Firefighter Career Expo"

* Professional Firefighter for the City of St. Thomas, ON

* Keynote Speaker at Colleges, Firefighter Expos and Secondary Schools.

* Over 10 years experience working with firefighter recruits, helped countless recruits from around the world get hired by Fire Departments.

* Leading authority in Canada on how to become a firefighter

PRO-TEC Training and Consulting, Chief Instructor, Daniel Labelle

TestReadyPro in partnership with PRO-TEC Training and Consulting Services. Daniel Labelle has retired from a 20 year career in the Canadian Armed Forces at the rank of Warrant Officer. He has led soldiers in both garrison and overseas operations. Daniel Labelle has 40 years experience in martial arts / use of force and 30 years of instructional experience. While serving in the CF he has taught both basic training and leadership courses. He has received certifications in arctic, desert, mountain, jungle survival to name a few. Daniel has instructed Close Quarter Combat courses and various non-tactical and tactical shooting to name a few while serving in The Canadian Airborne Regiment, 1st & 2nd Battalion of The Royal Canadian Regiment. Daniel has taught various course / workshops to the Ontario Tactical Advisory Body, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Royal Military College of Canada and Algonquin College to name a few. Currently he is the Coordinator / Professor for the Police Foundation Program at Algonquin College in the Ottawa Valley, he teaches use of force, fitness, ethics, conflict management, police powers to name a few.

Ian MacGregor: TRP PAL Instructor/Hunter Education/Consultant/Police Officer

Detective Constable Ian MacGregor is currently a 34 year experienced police officer. During his tenure Mr MacGregor has been involved with a wide variety of police duties, ranging from enforcing Federal and Provincial Statutes, to being a part of special police units and training programs, which include Security & Tactics Units and Instructor Duties at police and security training facilities. Ian is a qualified Firearms Instructor and continues to instruct firearm programs for uniform members, recruits and special units. In addition to his duties Ian is certified to teach the Canadian Firearms Safety Course for Non-Restricted Firearms (sporting shotguns & rifles) and the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (handguns) for persons interested in acquiring a Possession Acquisition License (P.A.L.). Ian is International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC), Black Badge qualified, and offers live firearms training in the safe operation and handling of handguns, to candidates interested in pursuing a career as a security, police and conservation officer. This training will increase confidence and familiarity with handguns used by various police agencies. Ian also is a qualified instructor for Hunter Education, and Marine Safety Courses for people interested in hunting and boating licenses.

Sean Baldwin - Career Firefighter

As a TRP consultant I have been able to re-create exact sample questions that you will encounter during your fire fighter recruitments. I have successfully passed a number of entrance exams of varying styles and formats. Each department that you will be applying to is unique, however there are similar aptitudes that are required and expected with every fire department. During my endeavour to earn a position as a full time professional fire fighter I started out as many do graduating from a pre-service fire training program. This program gave me the basics of fire fighting but not the skill sets to pass the entrance exams. TRP gives you what the colleges and fire certifications leave out. I have successfully earned a full time position with local IAFF 1253 and consult TRP with what the industry expects of new recruits. I have incorporated into the TRP preparation program the material you will need to give you the confidence and abilities to dominate any fire fighting recruitment entrance exam.

President's Message

The desire to become a Police Officer, Fire Fighter, Nurse or Paramedic is a career choice that some feel drawn to rather than a career that is fallen into. Yet every year, potentially good candidates don’t realize their dream because once faced with the entrance test or recruitment process, they are totally overwhelmed and unprepared. In an instant, their goals and dreams become unachievable.

Having faced a similar challenge earlier in my career, I realized there were simply no truly effective resources available to help prepare me in my pursuit of a career in emergency services. I had the education but I needed the skills to pass the entrance test and interview process.

Since then I have worked with active Police Constables, Fire Captains and Recruiting Officers to develop the Test Ready Pro (TRP) Program to ensure a steady influx of quality trained candidates through proper preparation for the entire recruitment process.

At TRP, we know that your success depends on four elements: learning, practice, preparation and advancement ­– it’s no coincidence that these comprise our Building Blocks™ To Success. This is why the TRP Program is so powerful and so effective! When you decide to become a TRP Member you can begin preparing for your entrance test and recruitment process with access to a complete array of tools and resources. You will also benefit from our selection of Preferred Partners that provide TRP Members with valuable career development and resources at substantial discounts.

Today the TRP Program is helping hundreds of candidates prepare for their entrance tests and recruitment process. I encourage you to become a TRP Member today, so you can successfully realize your career aspirations and dreams.


Chris Bedwell
Test Ready Pro
February 2015


REady when you are. 

If you are a Second Career Candidate, taking a College Entrance Test for Fire or a student or general public pursuing a career in Emergency Services - start now and start with the best resources in the business with - Access complete Test and Recruitment preparation for Firefighters Testing the Ontario Fire Administration NFST or CPS OS, Ontario Police Test Prep ATS for PATI TEST COR, RCMP RPAB, CBSA, Corrections, Special Constable GATB, Forces CFAT, Paramedic AEMCA, Ontario Security Guard, Private Investigator plus Fitness, Application, Resume and Interview preparation.

PROVEN AND UTILIZED BY STUDENTS FROM YOUR COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY. is utilized and recommended by students the following:

Centennial College, Algonquin College, Itt Technical Institute, University Of Ontario, Pensacola Christian College, Southeastern University, Texas A&M, Ryerson University, Devry College, Sir Sandford Fleming College, Fanshawe College, Seneca College, West Virginia University, Dawson College, 'University Of Phoenix, Santa Ana College, Commercial Business College, St.Clair College, St. Lawrence College, Niagara College, Centennial College, Bemidji State University, Lambton College, Wilfrid Laurier University, Homeopathic College Of Canada, Durham College, University Of Nevada Las Vegas, Collège Montmorency, Laurentian, Sault College Of Applied Arts, George Brown College, Kwantlen University College, Mohawk College, Concordia University, McMaster University, College of The North Atlantic, University Of Toronto, Carleton University, Conestoga College, University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology, University Of Guelph, Trios College, Trent University, Northern College, Brock University, University Of Winnipeg...and the list keeps growing!


B. Wright, Captain, Toronto Fire Services

"As Captain with the Toronto Fire Service and over 30 years experience, I know that the recruitment process is extremely challenging. Every applicant we hire has pretty much the same qualifications or experience as the next applicant, the difference comes down to the written test results and how you handle the interview. I can tell you right now - without complete preparation you will likely not make it. Test Ready Pro is by far the best resource available for all Firefighter Candidates, I highly recommend TRP.”

John Collie, President Rescue 7 Inc. Former Toronto Firefighter, 19 years experience
"If you are serious about becoming a Firefighter here in Ontario or abroad, you must pass initial entrance testing and you must have a compliment of required skills and certifications. TRP should be part of every applicant’s preparation process... I fully endorse and recommend TRP.”

Ken Leslie, A. Captain R241, Toronto Fire Services
"Entry into the Fire Service is incredibly competitive. You need every advantage you can get. Test Ready Pro offers you as a Candidate the most comprehensive resource for preparing for every stage of the recruitment process- from medical training and certification through written test and interview preparation. TRP is an extremely valuable tool for all FF applicants.”

Cst. Brett, Toronto Police Service
"Did you know Toronto Police Service (TPS) receives approximately 5000 - 8000 applications a year and only 300 may get hired in a strong hiring year. The competition is intense. You need every advantage you can get. It's simply not enough to have a Police Foundations Diploma or a Degree. I highly recommend Test Ready Pro.”

J. Lane, President LEPAT, Police Recruitment Officer, 20 years experience, British Columbia
As both President of Law Enforcement Physical Abilities Testing (LEPAT) and a serving police officer in British Columbia with 20 years experience, I fully endorse the Test Ready Pro system to help you prepare for your law enforcement application. Through my recent experience as a recruiting officer, I know the value recruiters place on a well prepared applicant; good preparation sets you above others and makes recruiters sit up and take notice. There are three main areas of a law enforcement application in which you can, with a little effort, improve your skills and make yourself as competent and competitive as possible: the written entrance exams; the physical abilities test; and the interview. Test Ready Pro is the best system I've seen to help you prepare for success, and LEPAT is proud to be a partner in that process.

Sean Baldwin, Firefighter, Ontario & British Columbia
As a recent graduate of Firefighter Training and active working firefighter, I found the TRP Program to be most helpful and useful resource for preparing for the both the CPS and Gledhill type of FF testing, both in Ontario and in B.C. I highly recommend and endorse TRP.

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“Hi Chris, Just wanted to thank you all at for the amazing tutelage, I passed my RCMP RAPT test with a score of 3.76/5 or 75%. Couldn't have done it without your great help. I will recommend all that need help with this exam. Regards,” Doug

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