Success Advantage. TestReadyPro (TRP) integrated pedagogical system Building Blocks™ To Success provides professors and facilitators with the framework and resources for delivering our career preparation course materials within a Career Preparation context. Designed to be fully customizable in content and delivery, our courses can be delivered as a self-study, blended curriculum, or continuing education component. Fully customizable to your match your Instructional and student course requirements, providing the best opportunities for Student Success while offering colleges the best value! 


We provide you with everything you need to teach Career Preparation including lesson plans, course outlines and teaching materials – fully mobile-ready, you can provide your students with the best – PROVEN – learning materials, practice tests, application, resume, interview and even certificate courses for their portfolios and overall success! As a Professor you save hours of prep time, all teaching resources, presentations, worksheets, real-time results, custom tests - everything you need to teach and give your students the edge they need for success! Additionally, TRP keeps you up to date with the industry's hiring demands. There is a reason why Test Ready Pro is consistently ranked the number one resource by EVERY student and professional we survey! Contact us now for an in-class demonstration.


Learn. The content, master the test. Block 1
  • TRP’s powerful learning materials are continually updated and constantly revised, prepared by licensed educators and industry professionals, and available in print or digital (ebook) modularized format.
Practice. Take unlimited practice tests. Block 2
  • Students apply our instructed strategies via our Learning Management System providing unlimited practice tests, real-time in-depth test results, with complete Instructor Tools (class lists, statistics), export results for fast evaluation
Prepare. For fitness, application & interviews. Block 3
  • Students benefit from our 4-week fitness foundation program (printable) plus advice critical for fitness, interview, and application preparation. Available in-person seminars, coaching, and online materials.
Advance. Get the EDGEover your competition.
  • Students can gain a competitive edge with additional training or licensing such as First Aid, Technical Rescue, or PAL! Or provide details on the additional courses available at your College!
Lifetime Membership. College Endorsed. Panel
  • Lifetime Access/Membership
  • College reviewed & Endorsed
  • Taught in Police Foundations
  • Taught in Pre-Service Firefighter
  • Taught in Career Preparation
  • Recommended by Officers, Instructors, Students

Here are some of the features:

  • Self-Study, continuing education, and curriculum delivery options
  • Multiple Platform, Multiple Device Active
  • Meets eLearning Requirements
  • eText Ready – provides cost savings to your students
  • Professionally developed modular pedagogy based learning content
  • Complete teacher resources (Powerpoint & student exercises)
  • Real-time instructor tools (view or export & analyze student results)
  • Multiple course access customized to student learning needs and pace
  • Learning materials match student learning requirements (e.g. Math)
  • Learning materials available in eText or Text
  • Real time on-line testing with detailed results enforces learning
  • Complete Instructor Resources (powerpoint, handouts)
  • Self-Study or Blended
  • Can be used in Con-ed
  • Easy to use
  • Fully Custom to your needs
  • Superb customer/student service
  • In-house/online demonstrations
  • Custom Branding to match the look and feel of your institution

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