Why TestReadyPro.com (TRP)?

Why TestReadyPro (TRP)?

Why Trust Test Ready Pro (TRP)? Experience. Your Success.

Whether this is your first attempt or re-writing your entrance test, starting a second career or as Pre-Service or Police Foundation Collge Graduate - you need to prepare for the testing and hiring process! You have the skills and experience, don't overlook - what literally is the most important step in achieving your dream - you need to pass the entrance testing and have the skills to pass the fitness testing and interview processes!

The great news is, although the competition is intense, there has never been a better time to get hired - with almost every service desperate for qualified candidates! Be one of them!

Your career starts with the right preparation. Prepare the right way.

“Four years now on NRPS and Test Ready Pro really helped with all the testing. Well worth the investment !”
“I needed to rewrite my CFAT to try for an occupational transfer to military police and I purchased the basic course for the video simulation test , and the WCT to prepare when I go write for my OACP. I wanted to let you know that your courses are wonderful as the CFAT course helped me reach my goal when I rewrote my CFAT!”

Did You Know, over 80% of applicants will fail the first time they write the test, specifically, the Ontario Association Chiefs of Police (OACP CSS) SIGMA Certificate Process, Firefighter OFAI FACT, NFST, CPS, OS or General Firefighter Testing, or a career in the Canadian Forces CFAT/eCFAT test or preparing for a career as a Primary Career Paramedic in Ontario and need to prepare for the Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant Exam (A-EMCA) - we can help you eliminate your testing anxiety, gain the confidence and skills you require for success!

Give yourself the edge, reduce your test anxiety, and build confidence - pass the first time. TRP provides Practice Tests with Comprehensive Learning materials utilizing our Building Blocks to Success pedagogy. Written by Licensed professionals, these tests are timed and scored instantly so you can discover potential areas of improvement, under timed conditions, plus take advantage of our (written) Fitness Foundations program, interview strategies, and additional Certificate Courses in Mental Health and Leadership to build your portfolio!

Math and writing are the leading trouble areas and causes of failure, in the majority of tests. Secondly, understanding how to articulate the essential competencies in your resume, application, pre-background questionnaire, and of course, in the interview, is absolutely essential. Test Ready Pro (TRP) is much more than just test preparation; developed as an all-inclusive preparation program for public and emergency services professionals to effectively ensure success throughout the entrance test and recruitment process. Working with Education Professionals, Police Constables, Fire Captains, Firefighters, Recruiting Officers, and among others, ensures our training materials and Practice Entrance Tests are current and meet a high standard of quality. Are you ready? Take action now!

Our mission is to provide individuals embarking on a public or emergency services career with comprehensive preparation through training and support that will ensure success in passing initial academic and physical testing requirements. We do this through our training process we call Building Blocks™ To Success. Each building block represents a key step of preparation in the recruitment process.