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Firefighter Prep Course (OFAI FACT, NFST, CPS, OS)

Firefighter Prep Course (OFAI FACT, NFST, CPS, OS)
Canadian Firefighting Tests and Recruitment Preparation - Web Companion Book

Firefighter Prep Course (OFAI FACTtm, NFST, CPS, OS)

Online Firefighter Practice Tests and Recruitment Preparation. All You Need, To Get Hired.

• Unlimited Firefighter Tests
• FREE! TRPro™ Firefighter Study Guide
• CPS Style,OFAI FACT™ Gledhill/Shaw OS/ NFST Style • Includes HAZMAT NFPA 472 Review
• PreService College Fire Endorsed! • Lifetime Membership - Success Guarantee*
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Pass The Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test™ (FACT™) CPS style, O/S style and General Firefighter Tests. The First Time!

You can't afford to fail and waste everything you just put in to get your NFPA credentials...

Another Hire - This CAN BE YOU! Testimonial - Hi Chris, I purchased the program in 2009 and was hired as a fire fighter with Richmond Hill Fire on March 3, 2014. I was getting 60 to 70% when I started and after working through you program my marks went drastically up. Lots of hard work and many years of rejection. I stayed with it and after 22 recruitment's and 6 years post pre-service I have finally got on. I feel super privileged and will never forget the grind or process of becoming a fire fighter. I have unfortunately had to give my volunteer ff position after 5 yrs as well. I just wanted to thank you so much for all your efforts and the help, advice and guidance you provide this service is priceless.

There is a lot of competition, and very few jobs. There are over 7000 NFPA certified candidates in Ontario, thousands more from across Canada, with more graduating every month - all competing for YOUR job. Luckily for you, most candidates leave firefighter test preparation until the last minute and fail. You can start now. And pass.

Ensure your success, instantly access unlimited practice Canadian Firefighter compatible tests, closely resembling the actual tests plus comprehensive learning materials, including fitness and must-know interview strategies.

Use this course to help ensure you are ready for the Ontario Fire Administration Inc. hiring process utilizing the National Fire Select Test™!

TRP's comprehensive learning materials guide your learning in required subject areas such as math, math word problems, algebra, mechanical reasoning through written english and listening skills.

This proven course is endorsed by Professionals and Firefighters! Essential instruction you need for the entire recruitment process!


Essential for the following Candidates:

  • College (Pre-Service Firefighter) Entrance Tests - Make sure you get the score you need to be accepted! Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test™ (FACT™) CPS, OS, General Fire Tests
  • Current Firefighter recruits - boost your scores and get to the interview stage!
  • Volunteer Firefighter applicants - complete prep for entrance testing!
  • Current Firefighters who need to re-write to apply at other departments!
  • Pre-Service Firefighter graduates; you're course didn't prepare you specifically for entrance testing, we will so you can beat your competition!
  • Essential for Second Career Candidates!
test learning materials

Everything You Need to Get Hired Including:

Learning Materials

  • Study Anywhere-Anytime with on-line and printable learning material
  • 280 page TRP Recruitment Pro™ Course Book/Study Guide (printable in .PDF format)
  • Master Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Memory, Directional Orientation, Report Writing, Spelling, Mechanical and Mathematics
  • 54 Math Learning Topics (Decimals, Fractions, Algebra, Word Problems etc...)essential for re-learning and developing your math skills
  • 24 category specific practice tests
test learning materials

Extensive English Writing Skills & Firefighter Test Strategies

  • Includes essential Firefighter Testing Strategies
  • Includes essential Firefighter Judgment and response techniques
  • 17 Professionally designed English writing exercises, printable
  • Learn and practice English written grammar, writing skills
  • Practice sentence completion, word definitions
  • Learn frequently misspelled words, common forms, verbs, synonyms, tense, nouns, plus more!
written test

Unlimited Practice Firefighter Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test™ (FACT™) CPS Style, O/S & General Firefighter Tests

  • Unlimited On-Line Practice Tests - Never take the same test twice!
  • Detailed, full scoring and correct answer display per test
  • Each test is timed, simulating the real tests
  • Includes Audio/Memory recall tests - just like the real test!
  • Tests compatible with the Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test™ (FACT™) CPS style, General and OS Style tests
firefighter practice cps tests

Detailed Test Review, History & Results

  • Detailed test review: your answer, right/wrong answer display
  • In depth review shows results per test category (find your strengths & weaknesses)
  • Track your progress over time
  • Access detailed results at anytime!

Fitness Test Preparation

  • TRP 4-Week Fitness Foundation Program (Printable)
  • Professionally designed fitness training program by licensed fitness experts
  • Access discounted expert fitness instruction or membership with our CrossFit partners**Not available in all locations. Discounts may not be provided by all partners.

Interview & Recruitment Preparation

  • Learn Comprehensive Panel Interview Skills
  • Learn essential response structure, answer strategies
  • Includes sample interview questions
  • Available In person Interview Coaching by expert, Firefighter Instructor available. (Fees apply)

Quick and Easy to Use Self-Study

  • Study anywhere, anytime with this Step-by-Step course!
  • Print the convenient eBook or work on-line!
  • Take unlimited, on-line Canadian firefighter practice tests!
  • This is a complete Self-Study Course on our leading Learning Management System!


  • SAVE up to 15% on First Aid, Technical Rescue (see partners below!)
  • Complete Scoring & Answer Keys for all Unlimited Practice Tests!
  • Includes powerful, professional Cover Letter & Resume sample
  • Designed specifically in Canada by Professionals
  • Success Guarantee* (see conditions)

Your Building Blocks to Success Program Includes:

Learn the content, master the Firefighter test. (CPS/OS/OFAI FACT Gledhill style)

Block 1 - Learn
  • Complete learning materials (math, written, verbal)
  • Includes Firefighter Course Book (over 200 pages PDF)
  • Study Anywhere, Anytime
  • Available in classroom or in-person training*
  • Self-study, Immediate access
  • Prepared by licensed Educators
  • Plus discussions, blogs, and forums!

Take unlimited firefighter practice tests.

Block 2 - Practice
  • Unlimited firefighter practice tests (CPS style, Gledhill Shaw OS style, OFAI NFST FACT style tests and General Fire Tests)
  • Detailed results
  • Track your progress
  • Identify area's of weakness
  • Custom-defined groups
  • Entire organizations

Prepare for fitness, application & interviews.

Block 3 - Prepare
  • Gain Essential Competencies
  • Learn how to prepare for the Interviews
  • Expert Designed Fitness Program
  • Application preparation strategies
  • Learn essential resume techniques
  • Available in classroom or in-person training*

Advance Get the EDGE over your competition.

Block 4 - Advance
  • Build competencies, build your resume..
  • Specialized courses such as Advanced First Aid..
  • Technical Rescue Training with TRP Partners
  • Preferred rates for TRP members
  • Exclusive to TRP members
  • Courses taught by current Professionals
  • TRP is your 1-stop shop to get you hired!

Lifetime Membership. College Endorsed.

Lifetime Membership Check
  • Lifetime Access/Membership
  • College reviewed & Endorsed
  • Taught in Police Foundations
  • Taught in Pre-Service Firefighter
  • Taught in Career Preparation
  • Recommended by Officers, Instructors, Students

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Firefighter Prep Course (OFAI FACT, NFST, CPS, OS)