"The game is won or lost before it begins, based on how you planned and prepared" - Coach John Wooden

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According to the University of Scranton, only 8% of people stick with their resolutions. So I challenge you, if your goal is a career as a first responder - then do be like the other 92%, start now and do it!

Your career starts with the right preparation. Prepare the right way.

Hello Everyone!

So much has changed from the conception of TestReadyPro (TRP) - back then as PoliceTestPrep.com - some 20 years ago if you can believe it! Yet, many things have not changed! The one thing, that has never changed is the fact that, whether you are a College student in Police Foundations, Pre-Service Fire, Forces, Security, or Paramedic program or applying for the first time (to any Emergency Service) most of you, somewhere around 90%, either leave preparing for the entrance testing until literally days before you have to write your test (and almost always this leads to failure) due to not knowing the testing content, your anxiety, and stress because you know you didn't prepare all leads to the outcome you did not want. Side note, you would not believe how many of you call us - days before the test - asking can you help me? The answer; this isn't a Coles notes course, this is your life - we provide what we believe are the best resources to help you, but you have to use them!

The reality is this. Right now, as in today, there has never been a better time to land your dream job! Almost every service is desperate to hire QUALIFIED candidates. That means, you, that's right you! But you need to be prepared. The good thing is you are here - you are reading this, which means you are serious. So take action today. But first, a couple of quick ideas to think about as you continue on your path to success.

Let me share a couple of trends emerging (some have been here for a while) some more relevant today than ever. Keep in mind there is an increased emphasis on diversity and inclusion: Emergency services organizations are becoming more aware of the importance of having a workforce that reflects the communities they serve. This means truly understanding and demonstrating that you can relate to/emphasize in communities that you will be working in, this in policing is typically evaluated in the LFI and ECI. This is leading to an increased focus on recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce that includes women, people of color, and individuals from underrepresented communities and is a part of the communities in which they will serve.

Although again not new, there is certainly a greater emphasis on mental and physical fitness: With the increasing recognition of the demanding and high-pressure nature of work in emergency services, organizations are placing a greater emphasis on recruiting individuals who are physically and mentally fit. This includes pre-employment assessments and job performance and suitability evaluations to ensure candidates are able to perform their duties effectively. Again, having an understanding of these processes will help you achieve success! Make sure you do not overlook your physical fitness, ensure you have a solid routine, and log it (some services require a fitness log in their applications) we do have a professional CFIT style program included, and access to fitness professionals if you need help on this. Also, we do hold workshops with our partners to help with all of these assessments and interviews in addition to all of our services available.

Best of luck in your success and career! Your career starts with the right preparation. Prepare the right way!


I will leave my last years message below - because it is still relevant


The desire to become a Police Officer, Firefighter, Nurse or Paramedic is a career choice that many feel deeply drawn. Yet every year, potentially good candidates don’t realize their dream because once faced with the entrance test or recruitment process, they are totally overwhelmed and unprepared. Sadly, in an instant, their goals and dreams become unachievable.

Having faced a similar challenge earlier in my career, I discovered there were simply no truly effective resources available to help prepare me in my pursuit of a career in emergency services. I had the education but I needed the skills to pass the entrance test and interview process.

Since then, I have collaborated with active police constables on the GATB test, fire captains on the CPS test, and recruiting officers on many more emergency services prep tests to develop the Test Ready Pro (TRP) Program. Working with a highly qualified network of professionals ensures that clients receive the best and most current test preparation support throughout the entire recruitment process.


At TRP, we know that your success depends on four elements: learning, practice, preparation and advancement ­— and it’s no coincidence that these comprise our Building Blocks™ To Success! This is why the TRP Program is so powerful and so effective! When you decide to become a TRP Member you can begin preparing for your entrance test and recruitment process with access to a complete array of tools and resources. You will also benefit from our selection of Preferred Partners that provide TRP Members with valuable career development and resources at substantial discounts.


Today the TRP Program is helping hundreds of candidates prepare for their entrance tests and recruitment process. I encourage you to become a TRP Member today, so you can successfully begin realizing your career aspirations and dreams.



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