TestReadyPro LMS for over 15 years has been a value-added leading source for delivery of on-line learning particularly within the context of Career Preparation. In fact, our platform as utilized from Evolved Learning Systems Inc. has been approved by the Ministry of Education Ontario and Third-Party Evaluated.

Our TRP LMS provides you the ability to share leaning resources with students, share a custom experience to meet your course requirements, evaluate in real-time. We even provide facilitators/Professors’ with teaching resources and student activities via Powerpoint and our professionally developed course eBook. There is simply no better resource that can provide as much benefit to your students and your college or institution.

Fully-customized integration into your college curriculum including:
  • Self-Study, continuing education, curriculum delivery options
  • Professionally developed modular based learning content
  • Complete teacher resources (Powerpoint & student exercises)
  • Real-time instructor tools (view or export & analyze student results)
  • Multiple course access (Coordinator/Professor can select any combination of courses for students to access)
  • Learning materials match student learning need (e.g. Math)
  • Educational pricing
  • Branded platform extends College look and feel to students
  • Complete custom content/community available
  • Instructors can share and encourage participation via class specific discussion boards
  • Best value to students including:
    • Learning Materials available in eText or Text (blended learning on-line delivery)
    • Lifetime Membership
    • Real time on-line testing & with detailed results enforces learning
    • Ease of use


TestReadyPro.com is used by Colleges, individual students and the public as a blended or self-study course, is offered as a continuing education course and as a curriculum component within a career preparation course, and is taught as its own course at the college level.

Built upon our years of professional support (hey we even schedule and take calls directly during class time and always do an onsite tour and introduction to make sure everyone knows what is going on!) Our support ticket system tracks all enquires where our Team typically responds in 24hrs or less. Service you can count on!



I have now completed instructing your course to the Police Foundations Program students and I must say that both my students and I have benefitted greatly from the experience.

The purpose of college programs is to prepare students for their desired career and your courseware has done exactly that. Many of my students practiced repeatedly until they were confident that they would successfully challenge the testing necessary to enter into the police constable hiring process. From a student’s perspective, your learning modules are thorough, easy to navigate, responsive to the learning outcomes and readily accessible. From a teacher’s perspective I found your courseware well organized, it contained many helpful “Teachers’ Aids” and an easy to use scoring mechanism available to me at the click of a mouse.

There is another benefit I found to using Test Ready Pro. When an issue, any issue arose I simply contacted you either by email or telephone and received an immediate response to my issue. It was nice to know that if I needed your expertise, you were there. For example, when I wanted to test my students in a way that your program was not set up for, you prepared a test specific for my needs within hours of my request. You certainly exemplified the term, “Customer Service”.

Thanks again Chris for taking the time and effort necessary to make our learning with Test Ready Pro a success.

Tony Turner (Retired Superintendent Durham Regional Police)
Professor/ Georgian College

“Thanks to TRP I was able to pass both phases of my ATS testing on my first attempt. I have used other websites but TRP’s teaching material is by far the best I have ever seen. The practice tests and scenarios on TRP are excellent and I would recommend this site to everyone who is considering going for their OACP certificate. It’s worth every penny! Thanks to the TRP team for creating this great site!”

– Wilfred Laurier & Mohawk College Graduate, Boris Iveljic, Apr. 2010

Created by Certified Educational & Industry Professionals, TRP provides Universities & Colleges with complete course content within a pedagogical framework. Students, Instructors and Recruiters insist TRP is by far the most effective resource to help candidates get hired.

“Thanks TRP! Received my COR on the first try! Without this site, I would have never passed these tests. I hear a lot of others use another website. I am glad I chose the right one.”

– C. Chailles, Nov., 2009


TestReadyPro.com is the recognized leader in professional recruitment preparation for Emergency Service Candidates. Trusted and successfully being utilized by students at your College or University. Find out what they know – that the best use the best to get hired! Recommended by College Instructors & Coordinators in Police Foundations, Continuing Education, Pre-Service Firefighter and Career Preparation programs at leading Colleges. Recommended by Recruitment Officers and Firefighters. Recommended by current Forces members. Recommended by students. Recommended by Recruitment Officers and Firefighters. Recommended by current Forces members. Recommended by students.


100s of Surveyed Students Feel:

  • They are more confident having used TRP
  • TRP is a valuable tool in addition to in-class instruction
  • TRP has helped them prepare for actual testing
  • They will use TRP again when preparing for their career after graduation

“After being able to review Test Ready Pro and their competitor, it is clear to me that Test Ready Pro is the real deal. The information on Test Ready Pro almost doubles the information on the competition, and the way that Test Ready Pro breaks down the different components of the police testing is easy to follow, and most importantly easy to understand! I will be recommending Test Ready Pro to all those aspiring Police Officers I know.”

– Current Police Foundations Student, Algonquin College