Canadian Forces CFAT/eCFAT Test & Career Prep

Canadian Forces CFAT/eCFAT Test & Career Prep Practice CFAT/eCFAT Tests

CFAT/eCFAT Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (On-line Practice Tests, Comprehensive Learning Materials.

Preparing for a Career in the Canadian Military? Canadian Armed Forces (MET) Military Employment Transition Second Career Candidate? Give yourself the edge, reduce your test anxiety, and build confidence so that you can get the TRADE you want, the first time. Access Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT/eCFAT) Practice Tests with Comprehensive Learning materials. Written by Licensed professionals, these tests are timed and scored instantly so you can discover potential areas of improvement, under timed conditions, plus take advantage of our (written) Fitness Foundations program, interview strategies, and additional Certificate Courses in Mental Health and Leadership to build your portfolio!

Your Career starts with the right training. Prepare the right way.

The Building Blocks to Success, Your Success Includes:


"I needed to rewrite my CFAT (CFAT Test) to try for an occupational transfer to military police and I purchased the basic course for the video simulation test and the WCT to prepare when I go write for my OACP. I wanted to let you know that your courses are wonderful as the CFAT course helped me reach my goal when I rewrote my CFAT!" - Kim - June, 2022


" As a retired Forces Sergeant, having trained hundreds of soldiers and traveled extensively for various Tours I cannot even describe how rewarding this career is, but, it takes hard work and dedication to get the TRADE YOU want. I am currently a College Professor and I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to prepare for not just the CFAT or eCFAT test but the entire recruitment process, well before your testing date (months ahead I suggest). I recommend TestReadyPro - I use it in my curriculum." Dan. June, 2022

Note: For complete Official Recruitment Information (rgistration required) visit: Canadian Forces Recruiting   -

Learn the content, master the CFAT/eCFAT test.

Block 1 - Learn
  • Essential learning materials and practice CFAT/eCFAT tests per test category
  • Study Anywhere-Anytime with online and printable learning materials
  • Over 200 topics specific to developing essential testing skills (Observation, Memory, etc.)
  • 54 Math Skills Topics (Decimals, Fractions, Algebra, Word Problems, etc...)
  • 24 Skills category specific tests
  • Study Anywhere-Anytime (Print the 280+ page TRP Recruitment Pro™ Course Book)

Practice taking unlimited CFAT/eCFAT practice tests.

Block 2 - Practice
  • Unlimited CFAT/eCFAT practice tests, take as many times as you like
  • Math, Word Problems, Spatial, Written/Vocabulary
  • Detailed test review, identify strengths and weaknesses
  • BONUS:
  • English as a Second Language Skills Development Program
  • 17 Professionally designed English writing exercises
  • Learn and practice English written grammar, and writing skills
  • Practice sentence completion, word definitions
  • Learn frequently misspelled words, common forms, verbs, synonyms, tense, nouns, plus more!

Prepare for fitness, application & interviews.

Block 3 - Prepare
  • Application and resume preparation strategies
  • Learn essential interview techniques
  • TRP 4-Week Fitness Foundation Program (Printable)
  • Prepare for Basic Training Fitness Readiness - TRP 4-Week Fitness Foundation Program (Printable)
  • Access discounted expert fitness instruction or membership with our CrossFit partners or personal trainers**
  • **Not available in all locations. Discounts may not be provided by all partners. Contact TRP for details.

Advance - Get the EDGE over your competition!

Block 4 - Advance
  • Add to your Portfolio with TRP Certificate Courses in MH and Leadership
  • Access to First Aid Training*
  • Technical Rescue Training with TRP Partners*
  • Preferred rates for TRP members*
  • Exclusive to TRP members
  • Courses taught by current Professionals and Colleges
  • TRP is your 1-stop shop to get you hired!
  • *May not be available in all locations, additional fees for courses apply.

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Real Forces Members Endorse Our Course. We Thank Them and You For Your Service.

Whether this is your first time writing the CFAT/eCFAT or re-qualifying for a new Trade you have come to the right resource. To say thanks, when you register - send us a quick email and we will give you for FREE our Mental Health and Leadership Certificate Courses and yes I know, if you are a current member you already likely have these skills, so if you are a current FORCES member and heading into the release section, let us know and we will provide you with a discount for our courses in Police, Security and Fire. Thanks again!

Your Career starts with the right training. Prepare the right way.

Canadian Forces CFAT/eCFAT Test & Career Prep