I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of you to 2023! It seems like it was just yesterday that we were all gathered at Kempenfelt sharing our successes and planning for the future. At that time Innovative Education really resonated with me and the TestReadyPro team. As TRP was clearly so far ahead of the game – who would have imagined we tried to convince all of you (that on-line is learning will be the future) and here we are today! We pride ourselves in setting the gold standard in truly making a difference towards enriching the lives of our members and fostering a collaborative approach to teaching with our College Partners.

We decided to take this year to re-develop and implement some our latest updates and courses. You may not know, but the platform we will built with Evolved Learning Systems Inc. is the same that was approved the Ministry of Education and Third Party reviewed and utilized by major educational Institutions and Training providers – far beyond Career Prep alone. We have solutions that can benefit your University, College or Institution.

Our distinct integrated pedagogical system, Building Blocks to Success, provides students and facilitators the framework for delivering our career preparation course materials. Designed to be fully customizable in content and delivery, our courses can be delivered as a self-study, curriculum based or continuing education component.  As well, our modularized content can be customized to meet student-specific needs, providing the best opportunities for student success while offering College’s the best value.

From an instructor’s point of view, TestReadyPro has some very exciting news! Over the past 15 yeasr we have consulted and reviewed our core offering with a number of you. As our new for 2021 on-line system is getting ready to be re-launched, we appreciate the support and input you have provided. Today our TestReadyPro Learning Management System is truly innovative education. It exemplifies the subject matter expertise you shared with us.

Here are some of the features:

  • Self-Study, continuing education, and curriculum delivery options
  • Multiple Platform, Multiple Device Active
  • Meets eLearning Requirements
  • eText Ready – provides cost savings to your students
  • Professionally developed modular pedagogy based learning content
  • Complete teacher resources (Powerpoint & student exercises)
  • Real-time instructor tools (view or export & analyze student results)
  • Multiple course access customized to student learning needs and pace
  • Learning materials match student learning requirements (e.g. Math)
  • Learning materials available in eText or Text
  • Real time on-line testing with detailed results enforces learning
  • Complete Instructor Resources (powerpoint, handouts)
  • Self-Study or Blended
  • Can be used in Con-ed
  • Easy to use
  • Fully Custom to your needs
  • Superb customer/student service
  • In-house/online demonstrations
  • Custom Branding to match the look and feel of your institution

We have also made significant strides in formalizing and implementing our College Partners Sponsorship Program. The TRP Police Recruit Candidate of the Year Award will now be the bench mark for higher learning and a recognized achievement that all students would be proud to have on their resumes

In closing, Innovative Education is one of our fundamental pillars and expresses the key philosophies that we built this organization on. Enjoy this year’s conference; we look forward to our future success together!

Best Regards,
Chris Bedwell 
Test Ready Pro
April 2015 to 2023 –Give me a call! I or a team member would be happy to discuss!