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Leadership and Teambuilding Certificate Course

Leadership and Teambuilding Certificate Course

Leadership and Teambuilding Awareness Certificate Course for First Responders

First responders are the individuals who provide services in the immediate aftermath of an emergency. They represent a variety of disciplines and may include law enforcement officials, medical personnel, mental health providers, firefighters, and search and rescue teams. The changing nature of the hiring requirements and demands of each professional service requires emphasis on demonstrating that you have – and can demonstrate – effective Leadership and Team-building skills.

Purpose of Course

This course intends to provide you with information that can be applied practically to building your Leadership and team-building skill sets. Many services look for these skills in their application, resume, and interview processes. This course is designed to provide you with an overview of basic theory and practical application skills of critical Leadership and Team Building skills. This is a Certificate Course in which you must achieve a minimum of 75% in the final test to qualify. You can print the Certificate upon successful completion.

Who Should Take This Course?

Ideally suited for Students and first-time applicants to Emergency Services, this Certificate Course provides awareness-level information within the context of First Responders.

Build Your Portfolio

Leadership and Team Building Skills are a serious requirement facing many front-line workers and First Responders. First Responders require these skills. By taking this Certificate Course you can demonstrate your commitment to understanding these challenges while adding this Certificate Course to your portfolio. Stand out from your competition!

Gain the EDGE over the competition

Students can gain a competitive edge with additional training or licensing such as First Aid, and Technical Rescue!

Endorsed by Leading Colleges

Endorsed and utilized by Leading Policer Foundations, Pre-Service Fire Colleges for over 15 years! Having helped thousands of students, you can count on TRP to help YOU!

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Leadership and Teambuilding Certificate Course