RCMP RPAT TEST PARE & Career Preparation Course

RPAT Course

Endorsed by Police Recruitment Officers, College Panel Reviewed, Dean Endorsed. All You Need, To Get Hired.

• Unlimited Practice RPAT Tests • TRP Recruitment Pro™ RPAT Course Book
• Access from anywhere, anytime • PARE Fitness Program
• Available Interview Coaching! • Lifetime Membership - Success Guarantee*
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RCMP RPAT Training Course. 

Ensure your success, with TRP, you get the complete comprehensive, police candidate (RPAT, PARE, Application & Interview) Training Course. Access comprehensive RPAT preparation, including unlimited practice RPAT multiple choice tests, designed to closely resemble the actual RPAT Test. TRP integrates the three RPAT Test Books, totaling 114 questions. Plus learn how to prepare for application, PARE fitness testing, RMSI, resume & interviews!Available instantly after registration and payment.

the content,
master the test.

  • Complete learning materials
  • Includes eBook or Print**
  • Study Anywhere, Anytime
  • Available in classroom or in-person training*
  • Self-study, Instant access
  • Prepared by licensed Educators
  • Plus discussions, blogs, and forums!

take unlimited
practice tests.

  • Unlimited practice tests
  • Detailed results
  • Track your progress
  • Identify area's of weakness
  • Custom-defined groups
  • Entire organizations

for fitness,
application &

  • Gain Essential Competencies
  • Learn how to prepare for the Interviews
  • Expert Designed Fitness Program
  • Application preparation strategies
  • Learn essential resume techniques
  • Available in classroom or in-person training*

Get the EDGE
over your

  • Build competencies, build your resume..
  • Specialized courses such as Police First Aid..
  • Technical Rescue Training with TRP Partners
  • Preferred rates for TRP members
  • Exclusive to TRP members
  • Courses taught by current Professionals
  • TRP is your 1-stop shop to get you hired!


  • Lifetime Access/Membership
  • College reviewed & Endorsed
  • Taught in Police Foundations
  • Taught in Pre-Service Firefighter
  • Taught in Career Preparation
  • Recommended by Officers, Instructors, Students

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Instant Access to the Following Course Materials

"The 'TestReadyPro' website has proven to be an invaluable resource to me in preparation for the RCMP Recruitment process. I scored very well on the RPAT examination, and I attribute that success to the material that was made available to me online, the practice exams were excellent. At the same time, I followed the physical training programme outlined on the TRP site, and did well on the PARE test. Thanks for providing such a thorough service, it is one-of-a-kind!"Jan. 13, 2010 - J.Ahmed

"Hi Chris and the rest of the TRP gang. I just wanted to thank you for the great material that you have produced. I wrote the RCMP exam on Oct 17 and I just found out yesterday that I passed! Without TRP's help I am not sure if I would have passed this time around...The exam was different from what I remember writing 13 years ago. So you have really helped this 40 year old."Oct., 2010 - Todd

Practice RCMP RPAT Police Tests (RPAT Test), Application and Interview Training Course - Taught and used by leading Colleges, this professionally recognized course is the most comprehensive available. Highly recommended by recruitment officers across Canada - considered essential for all RCMP Police candidates.

TRP integrates the three RPAT Test Books, totalling 114 questions. Plus learn how to prepare for application, PARE fitness testing, RMSI, resume & interviews!

Everything You Need to Get Hired Including:

Unlimited Practice RPAT Tests

  • Unlimited RCMP Police Aptitude Tests (RPAT) - Never take the same test twice!
  • Detailed, full scoring, correct/incorrect answer display
  • Learn how to solve incorrect answers
  • Each test is timed, simulating the real test: 90 questions, 6 categories, 90 minutes
  • Exclusive features: Pause Time, Skip Test Categories, Skip Question, Auto Question Advance...
practice tests


Extensive English Writing Skills Development Program

  • English as a Second Language Skills Development Program
  • 17 Professionally designed English writing exercises, printable
  • Learn and practice English written grammar, writing skills
  • Practice sentence completion, word definitions
  • Learn frequently misspelled words, common forms, verbs, synonyms, tense, nouns, plus more!
written test


Learning Materials

  • TRP Recruitment Pro™ RPAT Course eBook (Included FREE - $100 value)
  • Study Anywhere-Anytime with on-line and printable learning material
  • Over 200 topics specific to developing essential testing skills (Observation, Memory etc.)
  • 54 Math Skills Topics (Decimals, Fractions, Algebra, Word Problems etc...)
  • 24 Skills category specific tests
  • Study Anywhere-Anytime (Print the 280+ page TRP Recruitment Pro™ RPAT Course Book)
test learning materials


Detailed Test Review, History & Results

  • Detailed test review: your answer, right/wrong answer display
  • In depth review shows results per test category (find your strengths & weaknesses)
  • Track your progress over time
  • Access detailed results at anytime!


PARE Fitness Test Preparation

  • PARE TRP 4-Week Fitness Foundation Program (Printable)
  • Professionally designed fitness training program by licensed fitness experts
  • Access discounted expert fitness instruction or membership with our CrossFit partners**Not available in all locations. Discounts may not be provided by all partners.
  • 1 Day Training Course (Learn from experts, actual PARE course. Fees apply)


Interview & Recruitment Preparation

  • Learn Comprehensive Panel Interview Skills
  • Learn essential response structure, answer strategies
  • Includes sample interview questions
  • In person Interview Coaching by expert, Police Foundations Instructor available. (Fees apply)


Quick and Easy to Use Self-Study

  • Instant access after registration
  • Study anywhere, anytime with this Step-by-Step course!
  • Print the convenient eBook or work on-line!
  • Take unlimited, on-line practice tests!
  • This is a complete Self-Study Course on our leading Learning Management System!



  • Includes GATB learning materials
  • SAVE up to 15% on First Aid, Technical Rescue, Fitness Club Membership plus more!
  • Complete Scoring & Answer Keys for all Unlimited Practice Tests!
  • Includes powerful, professional Cover Letter & Resume sample
  • Designed specifically in Canada by Professionals
  • Success Guarantee* (see conditions)


RCMP RPAT TEST PARE & Career Preparation Course