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• Unlimited Practice PATI Tests
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Everything You Need to Get Hired. Ready When You Are.

Master every step in the Ontario Constable Selection System, including the PATI Test, Written Communication Test (WCT), Video Simulation Test, PREP plus the Application & Interview process.

“As recruitment Officer and Police Foundations Instructor I see many great students, but I may never get a chance to interview them because they can’t pass the pre-interview testing” Current Police Recruitment Officer, Identity Withheld

"I got the call this week. I have been hired to serve with the Hamilton Police Services... I could not have done this without Test Ready Pro! NEVER!." Wendell, Dec 18, 2008 

"I am extremely happy with the TRP website, the training material and assistant given was fantastic. I was having problems with the ats tests so I signed up to the TRP website, after studying the material and following the training steps I have now received my Certificate of results, being out of school for so long my math skills definately needed work, Trp website gave me the necessary study material to accomplish my goals. I would highly recommend this website to anyone who is going to do the police testing." Feb 13, 2010

"On March 6th I completed the PATI, WCT and PREP tests with Applicant Testing Services. This week I received a letter from ATS stating that I passed all three tests. When writing the PATI and WCT tests I felt totally prepared. Actually, I felt like I aced both written tests." March 6, 2010

"I have heard from the Test Ready Pro seminars at Mohawk College that the Written Communication Test’s on Test Ready Pro are very close if not a little bit harder than the WCT’S used at ATS. 
Another reason why Test Ready Pro is unbelievably amazing. I think it is one of the best comprehensive recruitment preparation programs available. 
TRP prepare's you for real life." Mandi, Jan 13, 2009 

"I received my certificate (OACP) on the first try. TRP works.
BPAD video training undoubtedly gives you the confidence required for the real test. The WCT training is the best as you go from basic to the most complex scenarios... as this is what you'll see on the real test." Paul, Sept. 30, 2008

"I received my COR in the mail today and I couldn't be happier... I learned quite quickly that the comprehensive Building Blocks learning system was designed very well and worked to identify the areas that I needed to improve upon. After a little better than a month of preparation I found myself thoroughly prepared for success. Thanks TRP!" K. Stevens, Jan 5, 2009 

"I thought I failed my bpad... but I got my certificate in the mail today! Now it's just the beginning of another process!!!!!" Bnola, Dec 5, 2008 


Taught and used by leading Colleges, this professionally recognized course is the most comprehensive available and our most popular. Highly recommended by officers across Ontario- considered essential for all Ontario Police candidates. Available instantly after registration and payment. Learn at your own pace, this is an on-line training course with available in-person tutoring and coaching!

the content,
master the test.

  • Complete learning materials
  • Includes eBook or Print**
  • Study Anywhere, Anytime
  • Available in classroom or in-person training*
  • Self-study, Instant access
  • Prepared by licensed Educators
  • Plus discussions, blogs, and forums!

take unlimited
practice tests.

  • Unlimited practice tests
  • Detailed results
  • Track your progress
  • Identify area's of weakness
  • Custom-defined groups
  • Entire organizations

for fitness,
application &

  • Gain Essential Competencies
  • Learn how to prepare for the Interviews
  • Expert Designed Fitness Program
  • Application preparation strategies
  • Learn essential resume techniques
  • Available in classroom or in-person training*

Get the EDGE
over your

  • Build competencies, build your resume..
  • Specialized courses such as Police First Aid..
  • Technical Rescue Training with TRP Partners
  • Preferred rates for TRP members
  • Exclusive to TRP members
  • Courses taught by current Professionals
  • TRP is your 1-stop shop to get you hired!


  • Lifetime Access/Membership
  • College reviewed & Endorsed
  • Taught in Police Foundations
  • Taught in Pre-Service Firefighter
  • Taught in Career Preparation
  • Recommended by Officers, Instructors, Students

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Ontario Police Test Prep for PATI Tests, WCT Tests, Video Simulation, PREP and Interview Training

Instantly access Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) Certificate of Results (COR) for Ontario Police Test Preparation (ATS) - PATI Test Preparation (Police Analytical Thinking Inventory - Unlimited Practice PATI Tests), Written Communication Test (WCT), Video Simulation/Role Play Test, PREP & Interview (LFI, ECI, DCI) Comprehensive Self Study Training Course - Taught and used by leading Colleges, professionally recognized it is the most comprehensive available and our most popular. Highly recommended by officers across Ontario- considered essential for all Ontario Police candidates. Available instantly after registration and payment.

"Got my OACP Certificate Today! Thanks to your Testreadypro program, I'm a little closer to achieving my dream. " Ebrahim, April, 2014.

"Hi Chris. I just thought I'd let you know that I have passed both my LFI and ECI with Brantford. I know we never met or anything, but I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated being put in touch. Ian put me in touch with you guys for a reason! Thanks for your part in my success so far." Ron, 2013.

"Hi Chris, I am extremely happy with the TRP site, the material was fantastic as I had been out of school for a number of years. I was having problems with the syllogisms and math but TRP prepared me in order to achieve my goal of obtaining my COR. Now l am enjoying a wonderful career with the OPP in an Eastern Region detachment for the last year in a half. Thanks again your material was excellent and I've referred the TRP website to my sister as well as numerous others whom have asked for my guidance. I can honestly say that your program works as I'm proof of that." Sincerely, Shawn, May 4, 2012.


Waiting is over, got the call, Ontario Police College in September!! Thanks for everything TRP!" April. B, August 10, 2010

Got the call today, heading to OPC in Sept 2010 !! Just wanted to thank you Chris Bedwell (and the TRP Team) for having such a great website as TRP!I signed up last year in May 2009, had my PATI/WCT/PREP in Aug 09, passed everything FIRST TRY !! English being my second language, I studied a lot from the material you have and it really helped me. I had my BPAD in Sept, passed at FIRST try too! Only thing that was delayed was the vision, I had LASIK in Oct 09 and re-test again in Nov, passed. Applied to TPS and YRP end of 2009.I chose the second one for personal reason. Anyway I'm really happy for having chosen TRP and thanks Chris ,every time I emailed you, you have always helped me , you're the man!All the best to the other applicants,work hard you'll succeed!" stef-T June 17. 2010

"Thanks to TRP I was able to pass both phases of my ATS testing on my first attempt. I have used other websites but TRP's teaching material is by far the best I have ever seen. The practice tests and scenarios on TRP are excellent and I would recommend this site to everyone who is considering going for their OACP certificate. It's worth every penny! Thanks to the TRP team for creating this great site!" Wilfred Laurier & Mohawk College Graduate, Boris Iveljic


Essential for the following Candidates:


  • Recommended for all Police Foundations/LASA students!
  • Current Police Foundations/LASA/PSI students - boost your scores and get to the interview stage!
  • Volunteer/Special Constable/Security officers - complete prep for entrance testing! (ATS PATI, WCT, VIDEO, PREP)
  • Current Police Officers overseas who need to re-write to apply at other departments!
  • Police Foundations graduates not currently integrating TRP; you're course didn't prepare you specifically for entrance testing, we will so you can beat your competition!
  • Essential for Second Career Candidates!
test learning materials



Course Details: You Get The Following Materials:

PATI Test Preparation - Unlimited Practice PATI Tests

  • Unlimited On-Line Practice PATI Tests - Never take the same test twice!
  • Detailed, full scoring, correct/incorrect answer display
  • Learn how to solve incorrect answers
  • Each test is timed, simulating the real test: 90 questions, 6 categories, 90 minutes
  • Exclusive features: Pause Time, Skip Test Categories, Skip Question, Auto Question Advance...
practice tests


TRP Recruitment Pro™ PATI Course Book (Included FREE $100 value)

  • Study Anywhere-Anytime with on-line and printable learning material
  • TRP Recruitment Pro™ PATI Course Book (280 pages, printable in PDF format)
  • 200 specific categories covering Inductive, Deductive & Quantitative Reasoning to Interviews
  • TRP Math Book (118 pages, printable in PDF format)
  • 54 Math Learning Topics (Decimals, Fractions, Algebra, Word Problems etc...)
  • 24 PATI category specific tests (printable in PDF format)
  • Learn exactly how to solve Syllogisms, Travel Time questions!
  • Learn exclusive strategies for solving Classification & Series tasks!
pati, wct, bpad test learning materials


Extensive English Writing Skills Development Program

  • English as a Second Language Skills Development Program
  • 17 Professionally designed English writing exercises, printable
  • Learn and practice English written grammar, writing skills
  • Practice sentence completion, word definitions
  • Learn frequently misspelled words, common forms, verbs, synonyms, tense, nouns, plus more!
written test


Detailed Test Review, History & Results

  • Detailed test review: your answer, right/wrong answer display
  • In depth review shows results per test category (find your strengths & weaknesses)
  • Track your progress over time
  • Access detailed results at anytime!
PATI Test Review


Written Communication Test (WCT) Preparation

  • 31 On-Line WCT Tests - Includes step by step learning with answers!
  • 20 Printable Pencil & Paper WCT Tests
  • Learn our exclusive, tried and proven strategy for success!
Written Communication Test Prep



Interview & Recruitment Preparation

  • Learn Comprehensive Local Focus, Essential Competency, Developmental & Blended Interview Skills
  • Learn essential response structure, answer strategies
  • Includes sample interview questions
  • In person Interview Coaching by expert, Police Foundations Instructor available. (Fees apply)
Police Interview Preparation & Strategies


Quick and Easy to Use Self-Study

  • Instant access after registration
  • Study anywhere, anytime with this Step-by-Step course!
  • Print the convenient eBook or work on-line!
  • Take unlimited, on-line practice tests!
  • This is a complete Self-Study Course on our leading Learning Management System!
Self-Study Learning System for Police Candidates



  • Includes RPAT, RPAB SFPQ Psychological Interview and PARE materials
  • Includes GATB learning materials
  • SAVE up to 15% on First Aid, Technical Rescue, Fitness Club Membership plus more!
  • Complete Scoring & Answer Keys for all Unlimited Practice Tests!
  • Includes powerful, professional Cover Letter & Resume sample
  • Keyboard test preparation
  • Designed specifically in Ontario by Professionals
  • Success Guarantee* (see conditions)
Technical Rescue to First Aid...





PATI, WCT, Video Simulation, PREP Comprehensive Training Course